Customizing your own carrier bag is the foundation of our product, we’ve sourced the most durable vinyl medium to brand your hard cased carriers. We can take your existing club or company logo, apply it to any hard cased carrier. Similar to the embroidered products, all cost of vinyl is included with the purchase of each carrier!

Don’t have a club logo? Let us help! We have graphic designers on hand to generate your club’s logo, using your input as a guide!

At CFC we have spared no expense and have sourced a high durability and high quality vinyl medium. This vinyl medium will allow for both direct color printing and die cutting the entire graphic. The real world application of this product is for exterior graphics placed on the sides of vehicles, semi-trucks and other signage. And yes, the photos above are real-life pictures of two Coal Boxes. Our vinyl decals are really that good!

The easiest method is to print your company or club logo as a standard “sticker” style graphic which would be adhered to the front of each carrier. This is seen at left above.

For a more unique look, die-cut vinyl decals are an option that allows for intricate relief cuts. This is seen at right above. The die cut single color vinyl palette is listed below. 

Ideally you would submit your artwork in vectorized form. This will be the easiest to code into our die cut machines, but each case will be a little different. If you do not have a club logo, have our team of graphic designers generate a graphic for you!

With the purchase of any hard case, there is NO CHARGE for a single vinyl decal. You may opt to purchase additional decals to use on vehicles, other totes and crates or anything else! Additional vinyl product cost will vary based on complexity, decal size and quantity, but roughly $10-15 each. Feel free to request a quote with your order and we’ll generate a price for you.

Direct Vinyl Print

Die Cut