Foam Load Out

Once opened, The Battle Bowler will accept a single stack of FoamPlugs which can total 5.25 vertical inches.

The purpose of this carrier is to be a smaller rigid transport system for unique models or units. It can easily support a handful of small units or a few large models.

We’re also developing paint trays, which will be great for transportation to any paint night or for easy storage.

Club Customized


Bag Only


Ordering the Bag Only does not include any FoamPlugs. This carrier does not have much utility without a FoamPlug load out.

However, we have standardized all of our FoamPlugs so that they are interchangeable between all of our carriers!

Bag with Full Load Out


Includes all the perks of ordering the Bag Only but includes a full load out of FoamPlugs!

We will help with the math, but feel free to mix’n’match your bag to include any combination of FoamPlugs for one flat rate!

The Battle Bowler is a medium to small sized hard shell polypropylene plastic carrier, perfect for moving a few large special units or models to and from a gaming location.

  1. Improved metal core hinges provide long lasting function and prevent normal wear-and-tear of plastic hinges.

  1. Two nylon latches slide to provide a secure closure to prevent opening during transportation.

Click for dimensionsBB748_files/634_MaxCase_Spec_2.png

At CFC we have spared no expense and have sourced a high durability and high quality vinyl medium. This vinyl medium will allow for both direct color printing and die cutting the entire graphic. The real world application of this product is for exterior graphics placed on the sides of vehicles, semi-trucks and other signage. And yes, the photos of the two carriers above are real-life pictures.

The easiest method is to print your company or club logo as a standard “sticker” style graphic to adhere to the front of each carrier.

For a more unique look, die-cut vinyl decals are an option that allows for intricate relief cuts. We offer single color vinyl, chosen from the color palate below. Or you may have a multicolor design printed on white vinyl, and then die cut to create the most intricate decal possible! With the die cutting process, there is always a little bit of artistic rendering required to allow for proper cutting.

You can submit high resolution JPGs (300dpi+) or have our team of graphic designers generate a graphic for you.

Check out the Customize Page for more pictures.

Direct Vinyl Print

Die Cut

If you do not want your company or club logo placed on the carrier, we have designed this image as a “default” option.

This image will be printed in full color on white vinyl as a standard “sticker” style graphic.

For the Battle Bowler, all graphics (yours or ours) measuring 7” square are included in the price of the carrier.



in black