Being table top war gamers, we have never been immune to the rising prices of miniatures, codecs and hobby supplies. Many of us kept our armies in card board boxes, plastic totes or fishing tackle boxes... sometimes lined with egg crate foam or with magnets and metal.

We decided to start sourcing our own pluck foam, cutting trays to size by hand, and fulfilling orders within our gaming club. As our orders and interest increased, it became apparent that the foam transport market was incredibly inflated and therefore widely under served. 

For us, we want our customer service and product value to set us apart from the competition.

But by being a small, privately owned company, we keep our prices as low and pass the savings on to you.

As our company grows and our buying power increases, we’ll be dropping our prices, not increasing our profits.

We want to stock a handful of carriers, a handful of foam products, and we want to put your name and logo on each carrier. We want flat pricing for all of our carriers so you don't have to worry about hidden charges and fees. SIMPLE.

At CFC it's all about club customization.

We want your name and your club logo on ALL of your carriers. What is more impressive than rolling into battle with branded transportation gear?

Check out our Club Customization page for more examples and information.